The Importance of Using Video Marketing for your Website

More and more businesses are heavily investing in video marketing because it has been shown to be an effective marketing tool online. Search engine optimisation has continued to be a great tool, but with video marketing, it is way more effective. You will be able to reach your prospective customers and have a visual tool to convert them into subscribers or paying customers. Video marketing is a new addition you should have in your marketing toolbox. You may be having some doubts, but there are many benefits you can expect from video marketing. What is the importance of video marketing?

Video Boosts Conversion and Sales
The first thing you can expect to get from video marketing is increased conversion and sales. Many studies have shown video marketing improving conversions and sales by up to 80% in different industries. This is not surprising because vision is one of the most dominant sense. Most of the information in the brain has been transmitted visually. If pictures can boost engagement, imagine what videos can do. The video marketing company here are a good example of this.

Great ROI
When done right, video marketing has been shown to provide a good return on investment. Video production is not the cheapest task, but it will pay off big time. Online video editing tools have continued to be more affordable and can do more tasks. Using your phone to make videos is also another alternative, they can make pretty decent videos.
Another thing to remember is that the videos don’t have to be perfect, the only thing that matters is the content. Many people will be put off with videos that don’t explain the product or service clearly. 

Video Builds Trust
Trust is the building block of conversion and sales. This makes it a good idea to make building trust as a goal on its own. The main concept behind marketing is trust and creation of a long-term relationship. You should tone down trying to sell and let your prospective customers come to your by providing them interesting and useful information. A video will ignite emotions. This seo company focuses heavily on video marketing and animations to build trust with potential clients.

Google Loves Videos
A video will help you increase the time a visitor will spend on your page. This will help in longer exposure and building trust, signaling to the search engines that you provide good content. Pages that have video are more likely to show up on the first page.

Video Appeals to Mobile Users
Mobile and video go hand in hand. The number of mobile video views has continued to increase at a fast rate. People prefer watching videos on the go, and the number of people using their mobile to watch videos will continue to grow. 

Video can explain everything
People will have an easier time understanding what you are offering if you use video. Many pages that have explainer videos will have an easier time converting customers. If you want to explain a difficult concept, just created an animated video. Animation helps bring concepts to life that you would otherwise have a hard time doing if you use live video.

With a good video marketing plan, you will be able to get the above benefits and much more.

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