Here is a collection of some of the images originally for purchase on this website:


Winter Retreat – White Tail Deer
by Scot Storm
16″ by 24″

First Hunt
The Evening was a crisp calm. My sixth sense felt the presence of someone or something staring at me. I rolled my eyes to see a buck, a nice one, looking at me. He came following the path that paralleled my tree stand. My movements had betrayed my hiding spot. I was frozen in place. My heart was pounding so loud, I was sure that he heard it.
Jack Paluh captures this experience that most hunters can identify with, in First Hunt. First Hunt, designed to promote youth hunting, is a refreshing outlook for both novice and seasoned hunters.


First Hunt
by Jack Paluh
15″ x 18 3/4″



Nocturnal Giant – White Tail Deer
by Scot Storm
10″ by 14″