Apotea – A Unique Idea?

Apotea.se is Sweden’s premiere online pharmacy that sells a wide variety of both non-prescription and prescription drugs. The company was founded by Marrie-Louise Jansson and his co-partner Sussane Soderberg in 2011 and is based in Stockholm. With over 5 years’ experience in the industry, Apotea.se has grown to become one of the most trusted brands, despite not having a physical presence, supplying a wide variety of medicines for treatment of allergies, pain, vitamins, and minerals just to mention a few. The company’s main objective is to simplify the everyday life of its customers streamlining goods and service delivery.


Why choose Apotea.se?

Fully Registered and Licensed: the last thing you probably want is to receive prescription drugs from an online pharmacy from Google and find it was banned a decade ago by the FDA. However, with Apotea.se, your mind will be at ease knowing the online pharmacy is fully registered and licensed by the Swedish MPA to sell both prescription and non-prescription drugs. 

Convenience: this will come in handy especially to foreigners who aren’t so conversant with the Scandinavian weather patterns which may turn out to be extremely unpleasant. But with the online pharmacy, all you have to do is to just place an order for your medication and it will be delivered right at your door step. What more could you possibly want? Efficient customer service: just like virtually all business, customers are the number one priority for the firm. The customer support group at Apotea has been trained to the highest possible standards and emails are usually responded within one hour for all the inquiries that you may have.

Affordable prices: with the economic times getting rough by the day, the last thing you probably want is overpriced essential goods like medicines. But, you will be delighted to know that you can save up to 90% for medicine purchased at the online store. The lower markup prices as well as lower overhead costs compared to brick-and –mortar pharmacies makes shopping at the online pharmacy a less costly affair. Privacy policy: and this is just the beauty of it. The comfort that comes with purchasing medication online without having to talk directly in person is irreplaceable. The online pharmacy has an appropriate privacy policy that will see all your information well safeguarded.

Medical information: the online pharmacy provides a comprehensive info about all medications ad diseases. Furthermore, you can always consult the resident doctor and pharmacist in case you want clarifications on particular drugs. With the online pharmacy continuing to touch digital boundaries around Sweden, plans are underway for the giant online pharmacy to further spread its services to neighboring countries, Norway and Denmark. Apotea.se has been awarded numerous awards for positively impacting on people’s livelihood and is also listed among the top 100 most innovative start-ups.

To purchase medicine from the online pharmacy, visit http://rabatt-koder.se/apotea/ to place an order on the medicine you want. There is a comprehensive list of medical information that is put in place to assist you in searching for the right medication for your ailment.

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